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Fèis week 2018
 Fèis Days and Fèis Week 

Seachdain na Fèise | Fèis Week


A week-long event open to children aged five to sixteen which takes place over the first week during the October holidays. Participants have the opportunity to try out or improve their skills in a number of musical instruments, song and dance disciplines as well as improving their Gaelic language skills. This event normally attracts around sixty-five participants in the 8-16 age group and around twenty under 8’s in their own programme of activities, known as Fèis Bheag.  Approximately fifteen tutors and supervisors are employed for the week, assisted by a number of volunteers.

Làithean Fèise | Fèis Days

These are one-off workshop days with guest tutors which concentrate on specific subjects for a whole day. Subjects offered during the last five years include fiddle, whistle, accordion, groupwork and accompaniment, clarsach, step-dance, song, vocal techniques, keyboard and guitar.​ Pictures of our February Fèis Day 2022 can be found here.

  October Fèis Spè week 2022  

"Watch out it’s the Funky Fiddle Raiders" at our October Fèis Week 2022.

Playing whilst walking (or raiding) isn't easy, they were amazing, especially since it was the first time on fiddle for some of them!

  October Fèis Spè week 2023  
 photos by Sophia McLeod and David Lintern

  October Fèis Spè week 2019   
 photos by Sophia McLeod

  October Fèis Spè week 2018   
 photos by Sophia McLeod