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February Fèis Day 2024
Latha Fèise 2024

Saturday 24 February 2024 @ Aviemore Community Centre
Disathairne 24mh Gearran @Ionad Coimhearsnachad na h-Agaidh Mòire
Cost £25 (bursaries available)

Fèis Bheag: P1-3 Songs, art and games sessions
Tutors this year are: Carrie Forbes, Mairi Brown, Monica Neeling, Liza Mulholland

Fèis Mhòr: P4-7 Music sessions
Mairi Buxton - Bogsa-ciùil | Accordion 

Emma Wright - Clàrsach | Clarsach
Seonag Buxton - Fìdhle | Fiddle
Sandra Mackay - Òran Gàidhlig | Gaelic Song
Angus MacLeod - Dràma | Drama

Còmhlan Fèis: P6+ Groupwork with Sharon Hassan for those who can play their instrument and want to practice playing with others
February Fèis Day 2024 A5 copy.jpg

February Fèis Day 2022

photos by Sophia McLeod

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