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Fergus and Fionn went everywhere together. They looked after each other very well, all except for one week every year when Fionn went to the Fèis. This year Fergus has a BIG idea... he decides to go to the Fèis too! 

A lovely children's story about Fergus the dog exploring all the instruments at the Fèis.


Liz Jack has taught traditional and classical music in Speyside for 40 years. Now focussing on traditional fiddle, she has played a wide range of instruments and made music in a range of groups from the Strathspey and Badenoch Fiddlers to the Inverness Choral Society. She has been a member of Feis Spe since 1986. All proceeds of this book go to the Fèis. Thank you Liz!

Fergus goes to the Fèis - book by Liz Jack

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