Fèis Spè Ceilidh Band 2019
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Còmhlan Fèis Spè | Fèis Spè Band

This band provides group playing experience and performance opportunities for young people aged up to 18 who are keen to develop their skills. They have played at a number of public and private functions to great acclaim. They have a local mentor and visiting tutors are employed on an occasional basis for additional training days. 

More recently residential weekends have brought together young musicians from other Fèisean to explore and develop a shared heritage of traditional music through tutored groupwork and outdoor activities.

When old enough band members are encouraged to further their skills and audition to take part in the Cairngorms Cèilidh Trail.

"I've been involved with Ceilidh Band for about two years, I started of playing the accordion as the piano was my strongest instrument and it was easy to transfer my skills but now I concentrate on the fiddle. What I like most about the band is the residential weekends where we have tutors teach us new techniques and sometimes allow us to compose our own music. I also like attending the various local events such as the Insider Festival, the Cairngorm Ski Club Ceilidh and also the nature day that Cairngorm National Park organised. Most of all I like to meet and play with other like minded musicians."   Amelia

 "Being involved in Feis Spe is fun. We do some really cool stuff and it's an opportunity to get together with people who share the same interests, make new friends & play music. We also have weekend activity camps and play for the public at a wide variety of events, anything from up Cairngorm Mountain to Street Fetes and Ceilidhs."  

Georgie, Junior Ceilidh Band musician.