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Fèis Spè's
October Fèis Week 2023
9 to 13 October 2023, 10.15am till 3.30pm

@ Aviemore Primary School

WHO will be teaching the kids

FÈIS MHÒR (Main Fèis) for children in P4-S1, they can try a new instrument or practice a bit more on one they play regularly, open to all abilities , there is a choice of 8 instruments:

Clarsach - Gillian Fleetwood

Fiddle - Laura Wilkie, Charlie McKerron & Sharon Hassan

Gaelic Song - Sandra Mackay

Guitar - Calum Beange & Chris Waite

Body Percussion & Stepdance - Sophie Stephenson

Whistle & Pipes - Angus Binnie

Accordion - Mairi Buxton

Gaelic Song - Sandra Mackay

* We try to group the children by age and ability,

the first choice and second choice instruments get the same amount of time on the timetable and we may swap children around to fit in a more suitable group

FÈIS BHEAG P1-P3 will be led by Sandra Mackay, Carrie Affrin,

Monica Neeling and Mairi Brown

FÈIS CÒMHLAN (Fèis Band) P6-S4 will be led by Charlie McKerron & Sharon Hassan, for children who are intermediate to advanced players and for those who may want to join the Fèis Spè Band

Bursaries available, select the relevant box on the booking sheet,

to book click the button below

October Fèis Week will take place between 10.15am and 3.30pm each day from Monday 9th - Friday 13th October at Aviemore Primary School. 


Pick-up on Friday 13th October is 2.30pm with either an END OF FÈIS CONCERT taking place in the Hall or small gatherings in the classrooms - hall access on Friday is not confirmed; please come along and enjoy the results of the week’s work and collect your young musician(s), along with all their belongings at 2.30pm. 


Registration is at 10.15am each day, please enter by the gate to the left of the main entrance, then the school ‘wings’.

What to bring:
- Indoor shoes
- Packed lunch and water bottle

- Snacks for afternoon breaks
- Sports kit
- Waterproof jacket
- Any personal medication, clearly marked with name, instructions, and a note of explanation for Fèis Spè organisers


Please note the following:
- We ask that all mobile phones are switched off during ALL Fèis activities. Chewing gum is not permitted.     
- If your child is unable to attend for any reason at any time, please let us know.

The TUTORS’ CONCERT will be held on Thursday 12th October at 7pm, venue to be confirmed.

This event will be open to families, friends, other supporters and the general public and should be a great evening’s entertainment from some of the country’s leading traditional musicians. 

Entry is by Donation.
We will be holding a RAFFLE to help raise funds to subsidise Fèis Spè activities and welcome donations of prizes – these can be handed in at registration or brought along on the night.

To help spread the load – there are lots of small jobs, we’d be really grateful if you are able to help us out for one or two sessions during the week. If you are able to help please email and let us know which days / times you would be available. 

Baking – Fèis Spè has a reputation for providing excellent cakes for the tutors – they say that’s why they keep coming back!! If you would like to make a contribution to the week’s baking, it would be much appreciated.

If you need to CONTACT Fèis Spè at any time during the week, please contact

Sophia on 07958 470115 or Elspeth on 07721 466196

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