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 Learning to play, 
 Playing to learn 

 An t-ionnsachadh òg, 


 an t-ionnsachadh bòidheach 

Want to see some happy and engaged children at our Fèis Week, look at some photos here:


If you would like to book one of the Fèis Spè bands for your event, please get in touch. 

We can only accept bookings that are not too far in advance, as the band members are children and we have to get a commitment from them (and their parents). We can ask them to put it in their diaries around three to four months ahead of time. The band members don’t get paid, so we are relying on the goodwill of their parents to get them there and not all families want to make commitments too far in advance.  


For Monadh Ruadh we suggest a donation of £450-£600 (more is always welcome!), plus drinks and snacks and for the Junior band around £150-£250, plus drinks and snacks. **All money goes towards their tuition and band weekends**


The new Monadh Ruadh CD, recorded by the previous Monadh Ruadh musicians was released in August 2023. 

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Dé th'ann am Feis? | What is a Fèis?

fèis, -ean, s.f. Feast, gathering, festival.

Fèis (plural Fèisean) is the Gaelic word for a festival or feast. However over the past thirty years the word has become synonymous with the Fèis movement; a group of Gaelic arts tuition festivals, mainly for young people, which now take place throughout Scotland.

A Fèis is an opportunity for individuals to come together to develop skills in the Gaelic arts – song, dance, drama, and traditional music on a wide range of instruments. Tuition is accessible and fun, but professional and effective. The focus of activity for most Fèisean is an annual, week-long festival, but increasingly Fèisean offer a full programme of year-round follow-on classes to ensure sustained provision.

Fèis Spè


Fèis Spè has been providing access to top quality tuition and performance opportunities in traditional music and Gaelic for young people throughout the Cairngorms National Park since 1990.

Fèis Spè acknowledges that very few of our regular participants are fluent Gaelic speakers but aims to provide opportunities for all to increase their awareness in local Gaelic culture and skills in the language.

Liz Jack has been a Fèis Spè member since 1986 and is currently tutoring fiddle for beginners. She has written a wonderful story about the Fèis 'Fergus goes to the Fèis'. You can purchase a copy here. Click the link for more information. All proceeds go to Fèis Spè. 

Donations welcome

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